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Urinary Stone Disease in Arabian Medicine

by: A M Dajani, F.R.C.S(Glas.)Consultant Urologist, Amman, Jordan

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Urinary stone disease (urolithiasis) was discussed in great detail in Arabian Medicine. Explanations given by Ibn Qurrah, Al Razi, Ibn Sina and Al Zahrawi about the formation and growth of urinary stones do not basically differ from our modern concepts. Pain and findings on uroscopy were carefully discussed and explained. Differential diagnosis between colitis and kidney stone, and between kidney and bladder stones was very clearly made. Some operations on bladder stones were described and the first lithotriptor to break an obstructing urethral stone was invented by the great Muslim surgeon Al-Zahrawi.

To prevent recurrence of stones they advised diuretics and plenty of fluids, avoiding heavy foods and in particular dairy products.

Finally, Arabian Medicine pharmacology and pharmacopeia are rich in drugs and compounds prescribed for the treatment and breaking of urinary stones.

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by: A M Dajani, F.R.C.S(Glas.), Sat 31 August, 2002

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